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Organisation and management

Jon Nichol and Hilary Cooper, with Michael Mitchell organize the annual HEIRNET conferences, supported by a conference committee of past, current and future conference hosts.

With the launching of the permanent HEIRNET website we aim to recruit a team of colleagues who will have a similar role in its running to members of a committee that oversees a professional journal with an oversight of different areas.

Three editors, Arthur Chapman, Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol plus the UCL IOE press managing editor and an Editorial Board run the History Education Research Journal, for details see the History Education Research Journal section of the website.

Annual Conference Committee

HEIRNET responds in particular to the advice of its conference committee, see table below, making annual changes to reflect the interests of colleagues and the evolving nature of and challenges to history education. Two significant such 2018 changes are the launch of the History Education Research Journal, HERJ, whose publisher is the University College London Institute of Education [UCL IOE] and a permanent HEIRNET website.

Committee Members Email Country
Hilary Cooper hilary.cooper@sky.com Cumbria, England
Jon Nichol jonnichol17@gmail.com Devon, England
Michael Mitchell mnmitchell@me.com Devon, England
Arthur Chapman arthur.chapman@ucl.ac.uk London, England
Terry Haydn t.haydn@uea.ac.uk E. Anglia, England
Andreas Körber andreas.koerber@kabelmail.de Hamburg, Germany
Roland Bernhard Roland.Bernhard@gmail.com Salzburg, Austria
Thomas Hellmuth thomas.hellmuth@univie.ac.at Vienna, Austria
Andrea Brait Andrea.Brait@uibk.ac.at Vienna, Austria
Bernhard Trautwein bernhard.trautwein@univie.ac.at Vienna, Austria
Arie Wilschut a.h.j.wilschut@hva.nl Amsterdam, Netherlands
Carla Van Boxtel c.a.m.vanboxtel@uva.nl Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nicole Roussou roussou@ionio.gr Corfu, Greece
Charalambos Kourgiantakis c.kourgiantakis@gmail.com Corfu, Greece
Eleni Apostolidou apostolidouXX@hotmail.com Ioannina, Greece
Caitriona Ni Cassaithe caitriona.nicassaithe2@mail.dcu.ie Dublin, Ireland
Fionnuala Waldron Fionnuala.Waldron@dcu.ie Dublin, Ireland
Yosanne Vella yosanne.vella@um.edu.mt Malta
Alejandro Egea alexegea@um.es Murcia, Spain
Laura Arias larias@um.es Murcia, Spain
Jorge Ortuño Molina jortunom@um.es Murcia, Spain
Terrie Epstein terrie.epstein@gmail.com New York, USA
Lukas Perikleous lukasp@ucy.ac.cy Nicosia, Cyprus
Helena Pinto mhelenapinto@gmail.com Porto, Portugal
Isabel Barca isabarca@clix.pt Minho, Portugal
Marcelo Fronza fronzam34@yahoo.com.br Brazil
Dolinha Schmidt dolinha08@uol.com.br Brazil
Christian Mathis christian.mathis@fhnw.ch Switzerland
Andre Sokolov sokolov_1457@mail.ru Yaroslavl, Russia
Judith Breitfuss judith.breitfuss@univie.ac.at Vienna, Austria

History Education Research Journal and its Editorial Board 

For information about HERJ, submission of articles for publication and its management, see the HISTORY EDUCATION J’NL website section.

You can find full details of HERJ and other publications of the University College London Institute of Education Press [UCL-IOE Press] at:


Social Media

A growing, even dominant element – see HEIRNET 2019 VIENNA CONEFRENCE’s  sub-section Social Media.