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HERJ is a peer reviewed international academic journal previously called the International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research [IJHLTR].

From 2001 HEIRNET developed IJHLTR as a medium for publishing peer reviewed articles on History Education. October 2018 saw the relaunch of IJHLTR with a new title the History Education Research Journal – HERJ – as an on-line, open access blind peer reviewed publication. HERJ’s publisher is the University College London Institute of Educationin conjunction with HEIRNET and the Historical Association of Great Britain. HERJ 15.2 is the journal’s first volume.  For further information about HERJ, please consult the HERJ link.

IJHLTR and HERJ – recent and future editions

IJHLTR 14.1[April 2017]

IJHLTR 14.2 [Oct 2017]

IJHLTR 15.1 [April 2018]

HERJ 15.2 [Oct 2018]

HERJ 16.1 [April 2019]

HERJ 16.2 [Oct 2019]HERJ welcomes submissions of papers from the HEIRNET 2019 conference for consideration for publication in HERJ. Concerning this please consult:

HERJ’s editorial team will return papers for re-submission that do not accurately implement the HERJ Author Guidance.